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Video Advertising

Content is king and video advertising is the king of the king. We serve ads across a multitude of platforms like Youtube, Hulu, Disney+, News Websites, and more!

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Pre-roll ads are our favorite. These ads are typically 5-15 seconds long, and can be skipped after 5 seconds. These ads are helpful to small businesses. For example, if a small business offers cooking classes, they could place a pre-roll ad before cooking videos on YouTube. This way, they know that their ad will be seen by people who are interested in cooking and are more likely to click on the ad and visit the business's website.

Video Production

Every ad campaign needs an equally awesome commercial. Our award-winning commercial video production team can come up with an awesome concept, plan the shoot, hire actors, rent locations, and deliver a cinematic experience that can't be ignored.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes you just want something a little more basic, and that's okay! Motion graphics are generally text and image based animations that are short and sweet. We can make these for your business if you aren't quite ready for a full production.


But Oddball, I already have a great customer list or CRM with awesome targets! Awesome! We can upload an address list and send ads to only the businesses or individual household you want to see them. Pretty cool, right?

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