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About Oddball

Oddball is a design and advertising company based out of Owensboro, KY. Whether your ideal client is someone who's into smoked bologna or filet mignon, we create ads and websites that are tailored to your brand and created for your customers.

What is Oddball?

Whether you love the name or hate it, you won't forget it. The data shows that what we create for our clients is unforgettable, too.

Oddball specializes in delivering beautifully crafted websites and impactful advertising campaigns that are tailored to your brand and created for your customers. End goal: results.

We are a team of marketing and design professionals with a deep-rooted history in broadcast, design, development, and campaign strategy. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk places... sometimes.

How Does it work?

Step 1:
Getting to Know You

We spend time learning about your business, your needs and goals, and your ideal customer.

Step 2:
Plan the Work

As a full-service agency, we have a robust catalog of products and services we utilize to help you grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Step 3:
Work the Plan

We put the plan in motion. Our team will develop the products and provide the services. It's all done in-house so you know we gotchu.

Step 4:
Results Roll In

Sit back and watch as we boost your brand awareness and increase consumer engagement with your brand.

"There has to be a better way."

These words were spoken and Oddball was born!

We hated that the existing solutions felt transactional, non-transparent, over-priced, and impersonal, so we decided to try a different approach. We have a passion for marketing, helping businesses compete on a battlefield against giant corporations, and creating art that just so happens to work as an advertisement.

Since forming, Oddball has served over 100 clients and continues to grow through our relationship-centered approach and exceptional marketing strategies and capabilities.

Christian and Charlie chilling in a ball pit

Look Into our eyes.
we won't bite.

On second thought, Christian Might...

These are the people who make it happen. It is always good to put a face to a name, so here are some faces.

Awards we've won.
Cool, right?

Just say yes.

Check out our case studies to see how we pulled these off.

Clutch award for web design
Clutch award for top marketing and advertising
41st Annual Silver Winner Telly Award
Best in Search, 2022 TOPSEOs

Community Partnerships

Oddball Creative is proud to support the community through its Community Partnerships program. We offer discounted subscription website services to local organizations and non-profits, allowing them to make their mark in the digital world with ease.

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