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Here's What To Know About Using Geofencing In Marketing

September 22, 2020

Geofencing presents various opportunities in mobile marketing, and companies are starting to see its potential. Hyper-targeted, location-based promotions are poised to be the next big thing in digital marketing. Companies looking to future-proof their strategies should think of how they could use geofencing; here are some ideas!

Why you should use geofencing in marketing

Geofencing helps you customize your target market and allows you to hone into a specific group. Since you use data to create your constraints, it is also easy to measure. When you use geofencing, you:

1. Can rank for local results

It is valuable for businesses to rank highly for local search terms. Geofencing paves the way for this—one thing companies could do is send promotions to customers through push notifications. Focus on customers in the area; send them limited-time offers to encourage increased sales.

2. Improve your analytics

It is tricky measuring local sales figures. You don't know what it is that makes people decide to walk into your store unless you ask every customer to complete a survey while they're on your premises.

If they come in through promotions from geofencing, though, there are several ways of getting insights from their behavior. For example, you could track the sales, the time they spend in the store, and how often they come in.

3. Personalize the customer experience

Geofencing lets you collect demographic information as well. Aside from their age group and gender, you could learn what kind of offers are attractive to local customers or what products they frequently purchase. Knowing this allows you to make changes to your promotions.

How to implement a geofencing strategy

There is more to geofencing than search engine optimization and well-conceptualized promotions. Before you launch your marketing strategy, make sure you have accounted for the following.

Gather customer insights ethically

Understand your customers and know who they are before you begin marketing. When you do, it will ensure that your promotions are successful and get the right kind of results.

Let your customers know that you have access to their information and prove that you are trustworthy enough for them to enable location-based marketing through your app or website. When you respect your customers' privacy, you will get them to come back in the future.

Keep the geofencing area small

Generally, you want to have a geofencing area with a radius covering about four or five minutes of travel. Keep your geofenced space within walking distance, especially if you are in a city; you do not want to make the radius too large. If your area is too large, you might target people who are not part of your demographic.

Use different geofencing techniques

Use other targeting methods in conjunction with geofencing. Context targeting, content targeting, retargeting, and day-parting are just some of the things you could pair with location-based marketing. With these marketing techniques, you can further customize your audience.


Geofencing is slowly gaining popularity with digital marketing professionals, and now is the time to start implementing it in your strategies. When you use location-based promotions, you stand to gain more insights about your local customers, increase sales, and grow your business with a solid foundation.

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