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Climbing Up The Ranks – 3 Content Marketing Hacks That Boost Organic Traffic

September 9, 2020

While it’s true that keeping up with the current trends in SEO can boost your traffic growth and put you on the digital map to success, it’s only half the battle. As the demand for relevant and quality content grows by the minute, content marketing proves to be the driving force that can bump up your conversation rate in the long run.

Seeing as how content marketing and SEO are like two peas in a pod, here are some tips on how you can optimize your website without sacrificing the ingenuity of your content.

Tip #1: Aim For Topic-Focused Content Marketing

Keywords still play a pivotal role in improving your ranking, but you need to hone in on the most relevant keywords for it to be effective. One of the easiest ways to help you arrange the right set of keywords is to focus on a specific topic that is relevant to your brand and target audience.

Not only does it create an outline, but it paves the way for more interlinking as you can connect your topics together to establish consistency and hierarchy in your website. Of course, you can identify the keywords and produce relevant topics by analyzing your market – from their demographics, interests, and behavior.

Tip #2: Play Around With Your Content

Google appreciates in-depth blog posts that provide real value to your readers, especially when the content is high-quality, well-researched, and contains all the right targeted keywords strategically placed throughout the article. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to blogging as embracing other forms of content can help increase your engagement.

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