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6 Qualities Of Good Web Design To Drive Website Traffic

September 22, 2020

Consumer habits are continually evolving, which means that advertising strategies must evolve alongside them. Marketing companies often have a constantly daunting task of keeping up with these habits—and for good reasons. Businesses can get left behind if they don’t innovate and update.

But how do you know if your web design is up to snuff? In this article, we will talk about some of the qualities of good web design you have to watch out for. If your website has these in spades, good for you. That means you’re ready and equipped to handle the growing demands of internet commerce. If it doesn’t, let the information serve as a guide. Here are some qualities you might want to aim for:

1. It guides the reader’s eyes to the right places on the page

Whether this means a downward scroll or towards specific call-to-action buttons on the page, your pages’ designs should lead the users’ eyes. This means making good use of the visual hierarchy, white space, and other aesthetic components.

2. It seizes their attention

Your website should be compelling enough to keep the user interested with a single glance. A popular way to do this is through the hero image, a large, high-resolution picture that features the website’s main product or something deeply related to their service. Some websites take this further by using a hero video.

It only takes a user 0.05 seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your website. As such, the first impression counts more than anything.

3. It builds your credibility with the consumer

Ninety-four percent of users base their perception of a website’s professional credibility on its aesthetics. That means outdated or poorly designed websites would not meet the average customer’s standards. A professional, clean, aesthetically-pleasing website that runs quickly and smoothly can help build your credibility with the consumer.

4. It makes good use of color

Contemporary web design techniques place great premiums on the use of color. Whether the brand uses splashes and splashes of different colors or just a few within a specific palette, it is important that all these are balanced. The key here is balance. The user must feel engaged at all times by colors, but neither overexposed nor bored.

5. It utilizes negative space effectively

Negative space or white space is the term for the empty spaces that act as buffers and boundaries around the elements in your website, such as banners, text, margins, and sidebars. All of these elements must be adequately spaced so that the page never looks too crowded, cluttered, and confusing. If you are having trouble finding things on your page, it might be a sign that it needs to make better use of negative space.

6. It loads quickly

Studies have shown that even a delay of a single second can cause a drop in conversions of up to a staggering seven percent. In short, your website’s design should not risk your load times. That means it has to be well-coded and have top-notch web hosting. The longer your website takes to load, the more likely you are to lose possible customers.

In conclusion

These are just some of the qualities of good website design. There are plenty more out there, but if your site misses the mark on any of these, it might be time to consult a marketing company with the right expertise.

If you are looking for a marketing company in Owensboro to help with your web design, send us a message at the Oddball Creative Agency. We have what it takes to drive traffic to your website.

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