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Web Design Myths Debunked — 3 Tips For Designing A Webpage

August 11, 2021

Looking for design inspiration online, you might have encountered a few myths about web design and how it affects the overall look and functionality. After all, the standards change as more and more technologies are developed. Here are some of the most common web design myths and the truth behind them:

“The Fold” is Not Relevant.

“The Fold” refers to the traditional first half of any printed material that often appears on the stands. In newspapers, for example, it is the part where the headline for the day lands. Meanwhile, in websites, “The Fold” refers to the first page that loads up upon clicking on the link. “Above the Fold” is the section on “The Fold” that users first see without scrolling down to see the entire page.

When web designers first figured out how to design a web page, they used the idea of “The Fold” to create the landing page. They considered how the website looks, including what’s “Above the Fold.”

However, since websites should be responsive on any device, having a “Fold” isn’t as relevant as it used to be. Instead, designers should design the totality of a website as it can appear in various sections on various devices.

A great web designer should figure out how to do a layout that easily adjusts to whatever screen size the user is on. No matter which device they’re using, the structure should adapt accordingly.

Web Design is Not About Aesthetics.

Web design should be a combination of functionality and beauty. Therefore, a web should work as intended and look great for the viewer’s eyes. People associate designs with shapes, colors, fonts, and other elements that make a website look appealing.

However, a web designer should incorporate the website’s visual identity more than design, making sure that the website represents the brand and company.

Thinking about designing a website should also think about the elements that are placed in the website. A designer should add details in areas that make them look good or in locations that ensure sales conversion, lead generation, and marketing efforts are possible. After all, design isn’t only about what looks good, but how it works too.

The Homepage is Not the Only Significant Page.

The most common mistake in web design is going all out on the homepage design. Most designers think that the only significant page in the website, pouring all of the possible design elements into it. However, try to maximize other pages too to create a cohesive overall design.

Since people click on links from search engines, it is more likely that a user will land on another page within your website aside from the homepage. Therefore, it’s only logical to fix how the other pages look and feel. Make sure that all your pages contain practical elements to help attain your desired results.


It doesn’t take a lot to design a great website. All you need to do is to consider the users, the website’s function, and the overall look to develop a well-designed website. Nail these three, and your brand should rank up the search engines and become the user’s go-to place for information.

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