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Watch Out For These 2021 Graphic Design Trends

June 21, 2021

It’s that time of the year when we’re on the lookout for fresh and captivating design ideas from all over the globe. Emerging talents, both young and old, continuously show us the power of art in transcending even the most challenging times, such as what everyone experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic. In shaping societies year in and year out, we’ve found that graphic design proves to thrive through changes and complexities in the technological world!

To give you a fresh start with great ideas, here are the graphic design trends you should watch for this 2021!


Modern and minimalist, the monochrome style points to a sophisticated and structured feel. This is a trend that can stand alone, and at the same time, could complement a heavily illustrated medium. Its specific characteristic is flexible, yet it also requires focus and attention to detail!

With this style, it’s never too much or too little. It’s all about simplification and balance while maximizing the hues of black and white.

Type Design and Typography

We see a steady rise in type design and typography. With new and old businesses exploring non-traditional branding techniques, this trend is taking over. We especially love these two because they can push the mass media, companies, and the design industry to create unique products and artistic projects for public consumption.

3D Design and Realism

If there’s a time to reveal more depth in art and design, it would be now. With an increase in technological advancements, we now can pursue the 3D design and realism trend. We simply can’t wait to see collections of graphic designs that are more real than ever before!

Text Masking

For text masking, artists, designers, as well as clients can collaborate even further to accomplish this goal. Methodologically, this is done using either image or text to conceal the other or create a desired outcome that emphasizes a word or a photograph.

Definitely the trendiest one on this list; it’s a fun graphic design technique that’s simple to do yet gives a huge impact. Moreover, taking this route allows us to play, enjoy, and read between the lines (quite literally!).

Abstract Art

Perhaps this is the year that we become exposed to even more contemporary art! As abstract art infiltrates the world of graphic design, art becomes more accessible to the masses.

With this trend, we can reach out to broader audiences through abstract geometry, random lines, and unique shapes, as well as characterized grids. This, indeed, will open more doors to future possibilities and inspire budding artists to experiment on crossing over art and design ideas.


The design industry is not all fun and games. Art and graphics require you to have a sense of serious creativity most of the time because truth be told, competition is steep out there! As a designer, you’re expected to develop your unique touch to produce original work, but you also have to be present and attentive to new trends. But above all, hone your skills and don’t be afraid to come out with your talent. Keep up with these trends and use your talent to create positive changes in the world.

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