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Interrupt Marketing — What It Can Do For Your Business

May 25, 2021

Interrupt marketing, also known as interruption marketing, refers to the technique of promoting products to customers without their consent. It got its name because this technique often interrupts the customers’ usual activities. Get to know more about interrupt marketing and see if this can work for your business:

Direct Mail

Direct mail includes catalogs, brochures, and fliers that are often placed in mailboxes. Marketers can track their response rates, but this can be more expensive compared to other advertising techniques.

Cold Calling

This is one of the most popular telemarketing strategies. This is actually a “risky” technique because you are reaching to people who do not have a previous interest in your service or product. Some people who receive these calls get irritated because they think that they are being offered irrelevant products. This method is less expensive, however, difficult to sustain.

Radio and TV Ads

Classic never gets old, and this is true with radio and TV ads. Despite the new advertising methods that have been introduced, many marketers still utilize this strategy up to this day. This is still effective because of their broad reach. Oddball Creative offers traditional marketing in channels like TV and radio.

Print Ads

Print ads are also considered an interrupt marketing strategy. They appear in magazines and newspapers, which can be read by a diverse audience. Print ads can target the publication’s loyal readers, but the advertisement rates can be costly.

Email Spam

Email spam is described as unsolicited emails that are usually sent in bulk. This may appear irritating to the recipients seeing such emails in their Spam folder. There is a lower trust in your brand, and non-compliance to the CAN-SPAM Act can be expensive.

Interstitial Ads

These are full-screen ads that are commonly interactive. You may often see them in-between game levels. They are flexible when it comes to content used but can interrupt your shopping and gaming experience.

Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are played before the viewer can watch their desired video. They need to wait for several seconds to skip them. However, some of them are non-skippable. Pre-roll ads are less intrusive and are well-targeted to your audience. However, they can be distracting to viewers as they still need to skip them or wait to finish.

So, Can Interruption Marketing Be Beneficial to Your Business?

Interruption marketing is closely related to traditional marketing. Some of them are still useful and can effectively help the business generate leads and sales. However, it is still important to align them with your brand and marketing objectives. Be creative and consistent. You should also need to work with an advertising agency to ensure that you’re well-guided when it comes to your marketing efforts.


We can expect that today’s marketing strategies will continue to evolve and become sophisticated. However, that doesn’t mean that the traditional ones will be totally abolished. Whether it is social media advertising, video marketing, SEO, and other kinds of marketing techniques, what’s important is that your business must be ready to embrace both modern and traditional strategies.

If you’re looking for a reliable advertising agency in Owensboro, KY, make sure to contact Oddball Creative. We are a team of creative, talented, and skilled individuals that provides high-end marketing strategies. Contact us for more details!

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