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Basic Design Principles Every Graphic Designer Should Know

April 28, 2021

Anyone is free to do art however they want, but there are basic principles that can make your work great. If you are just doing it for yourself, then break the rules by all means. But if you are doing it for your brand or a client, things will be different.

Besides learning about their brand story and guidelines, it is essential to equip yourself with the basic skills and knowledge of the principles of good design. That way, you would know what beginner and expert designers keep in mind when they work.

Everyone can learn from each other, so if you want to know some basic graphic design principles, here are the things you should know:

Maintain the balance

Balance refers to the equal distribution of the visual weight of all elements present in your design. When designing, try to have a symmetrical balance among all your design elements. That includes objects, colors, space, text, shapes, and texture. Being mindful of the balance in your design can ensure you create designs that feel more stable. It also looks cleaner and is more capable of catching your viewer’s attention.

Be Mindful of the Proximity

Be creative with the way you connect each element. Ensure that the connection makes sense and remains visually appealing. There is no specific format or grouping to follow. It all depends on the message or story you want to communicate through your design.

Give Weight to What Is Important

Visual hierarchy is another crucial element that designers should incorporate into their work. Without visual hierarchy, your viewers would not know what to look at. Giving weight to a component could come in many forms. For example, making one image or text slightly bigger than others or adding a striking color can guide viewers' eyes to the right elements.

Stay Consistent About Some Elements

Repeating other elements in your design can help viewers associate a particular look and feel exclusive to your brand. For example, using a specific palette or particular font across all of your designs can help people recognize that they are visual materials from the same brand. It can create that familiarity among viewers and allow them to remember your brand more easily.

Add Negative Space

Negative space refers to the empty space surrounding the elements in your design. It allows your design to “breathe” instead of looking too cluttered or destructive to the eyes. Negative space also helps if your goal is to draw people’s eyes to a particular focal point. It is the secret element that can make your design look professional.


All these visual design principles act as essential steps in good design. By considering these in your designs, you can develop quality designs that you and your client can be proud of. However, keep in mind that these are not the only design principles to take note of. Keep your eyes open to other artists and pay attention to how they craft their art. Learn from them and keep growing your skills.

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