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5 Tips For Producing Videos That Speak To Your Audience

December 29, 2020

Videos can help you get your brand noticed amidst all the noise on online platforms and social media channels. This audio-visual format continues to reign supreme when it comes to piquing viewers’ interests, conveying messages, and generating engagements.

With that said, it pays to remember that simply producing video content does not guarantee your digital marketing’s success.

Just like you, millions of other businesses, organizations, and personalities are producing videos every minute. On top of that, all of you are competing for the same audience’s time and attention. Considering this, you have to ensure that your video stands out and speaks to your audience.

While that sounds like a tall order, the bright side is that it’s not impossible! With the following tips, you will be able to craft a compelling story and captivate your audience:

1. Work on Communicating the Emotions Well

Before you proceed to planning your stunning clips and choosing moving soundtracks, you must first build the story and identify the emotions you want to portray. Without this, all other elements in your video will fall flat.

Whatever message and emotion you want to convey, you must find ways to communicate them clearly and naturally. You can do this by adding key cues throughout your script, visuals, lighting, props, and even the actors and their lines.

2. Plan the Visuals

After you have the story down, it’s time to plan how you will tell it to your viewers using visual elements.

To get the best results, you need to choose images that are strong and evocative. You know you have the right material if they can deliver the same message, even without any word or sound.

3. Think About Your Viewers

Before finalizing your script, it pays to remember that your viewers may not know your company as well as you do. There may be things that are obvious to you but are not as plain to them. Aside from that, you should also keep in mind that there are different age groups that can watch your content.

Considering this, it’s best to tell your story in a way that considers your target audience. You have to know who they are, how old they are, and what they do. You must think of these factors as you put your video’s concept together to make your story more relatable to your target viewers.

4. Be Conversational

If you want to keep your viewers watching until the end, it’s best to keep your tone conversational and natural. You wouldn’t want to sound so stiff and formal unless you are producing a corporate video.

Using words people use every day and putting on a conversational tone can effectively make your video engaging for your audience.

5. Plan Out Your Audio Well

While people tend to pay more attention to the visual elements of a video, its audio elements still play a crucial role in enforcing the message you want to send. Without the appropriate sound effects and background music, you may not be able to evoke the emotions you want to in your viewers.

On the contrary, choosing your sound techniques wisely may help you produce truly compelling video content.


Videos can help you draw your target audience’s attention and deliver your message to them. However, you have to produce them thoughtfully and strategically. You cannot afford to simply upload one for the sake of doing so. Rather, you must follow the tips mentioned above and strive to produce video content that speaks to your audience. This will enable you to get the most out of your video marketing efforts and see significant results.

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