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4 Website Design Mistakes You Should Fix Immediately

November 3, 2020

While it is vital for every business to have a website up and running in 2020, this does not mean that they should put up just any site. Not all websites are created equal, and some will outperform others. Unfortunately, many websites out there are riddled with design issues. In fact, some are just so full of design no-nos that they do nothing more than hurt the reputation of the company they’re supposed to represent!

If you have a website, it’s important to dedicate time and energy to upkeep, especially if your competitors are staying on top of theirs. Want to know how well you’re doing? Here are a few website design mistakes that—if present in your site—should be fixed immediately!

1. Using a low-quality logo

Your logo is the embodiment of your business. When people see it, they automatically make assumptions about what your company is about.

If your logo is low-quality, people will assume that you are an untrustworthy and unprofessional company. Avoid this problem by ensuring all logos on your site and business accounts are of high-quality. It should also scale depending on the screen it is displayed on to ensure it looks clear at all times.

2. Not testing the included links

Hyperlinks—both internal and outbound—are crucial to a website as it helps visitors find what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, the more links there are, the more likely you are to find a few that aren’t working.

A link that does not work is more detrimental to your success than you’d think. They become frustrated and angry with broken links, and they will more than likely leave your website, sometimes for good. To avoid this issue, test all your links regularly and make sure they are leading to their intended destination.

3. Forgetting to include call-to-actions

Call-to-actions, also known as CTAs, are generally used to motivate people to make an action, whether it be buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter. A website that lacks CTAs will force your audience to look for information without any help. Some people may be okay with this, but others who are in a hurry to look for information can quickly lose patience and leave. To ensure you do not run into this problem, always include CTAs on your website. It could be after each article you write, the landing pages you have set up, and so on.

4. Not opting for a mobile responsive design

The importance of having a mobile responsive design has never been more critical. Tablets, mobile phones, and laptops are dominating internet visits as people browse on the go. This means that any website that is not made to be responsive will suffer significantly because it will not be able to display on smaller screens correctly.

Users frequently click off sites that are not mobile responsive for the sole reason that they are difficult to use, if not impossible. To ensure you cater to the audience that utilizes mobile devices, make sure your website is mobile responsive. This allows mobile users to enjoy the best experience when checking out your website, maintaining their attention and increasing traffic.


Avoid the above problems and remember the tips we have shared, and you will soon find your website to be performing well! That said, keep in mind that the online world is ever-changing, meaning that trends are evolving and your website needs to keep up. It is a lot of effort to keep track of these changes and apply them to your website, but it is well worth it knowing that as you continue to improve your website, the more people will be happy to pay a visit!

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