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4 UI Web Design Tips You Can Learn From Netflix

May 25, 2021

Over the past years, Netflix has revolutionized the way we view shows and films. With the use of a remote control, we used to switch from one channel to another and wait for a certain time just to watch our favorite sports competition or comedy show. But today, with just a few scrolls on our smart TV, we can easily pick a movie and play it whenever we want.

Netflix made it way easier for us to consume movies and shows through their artwork personalization. The streaming giant essentially organizes the shows from those that we haven’t finished yet and might want to resume watching up to the relevant films from what we have just finished that we might be interested in.

Apart from the entertainment satisfaction that it gives, Netflix is also setting a standard when it comes to User Interface website design, which we can also adapt for our business. Here are four UI tips that you can learn and adapt from Netflix:

Netflix's User Interface Is Personalized

Netflix's user interface is tailor-made for every user who is using it. As you choose your profile, the streaming service adjusts the screen where you can view all the posters of films, documentaries, or series that fit your taste.

If you notice it, the poster of the series you are watching isn’t always the same. This is because Netflix also adjusted the poster to the angle of the story that you might like. If a Korean drama, for example, has a rom-com genre, it might show you a photo of the romantic pair in the story if you are into love stories but might project a different image if you are more into comedies.

The Streaming App’s UI Promotes Product Discovery

Upon opening your account, you will see a list of recommended shows that are trending or newly released. This interface allows subscribers to easily discover new options without the fear of veering away from their long-time favorites!

It Prevents Information Overload

The purpose of the UI is to create a better user experience. Subscribers of streaming applications are more prone to suffering information overload with tons of options being offered right in front of their eyes.

However, over the past years, Netflix proved that their UI is competitive because they received a low churn rate. This means that people kept their Netflix subscription despite the emergence of its competitors. In fact, their personalized user interface prevents their streamers from getting overwhelmed and burned out with information.

A/B Testing Promotes Conversion

Netflix learned that interchangeable movie posters are more engaging for users. After they applied A/B testing in the streaming application, they found that their audience clicked more on a content when the images are not always the same or stagnant. Netflix proves how helpful A/B testing is, but note that the user interface does not work alone when working on websites. This is because you have to complement your efforts with search engine optimization to achieve the best results!


User interface design greatly affects the user experience of a customer. If they find it comprehensive and communicative to their needs and wants, then you will earn their loyalty. However, you should keep in mind that modifying the user interface and improving the user experience design won’t work alone but it is rather an integral part that works hand in hand with the rest of the digital marketing strategies to win your customers!

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