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4 Display Advertising Mistakes You Need To Avoid

August 28, 2020

As a professional digital display advertiser, you know exactly what gets people to look at your ads, and what doesn’t. In fact, with the power of the Internet, this is supposed to be your shining era: a staggering 4.6 billion peopleuse it, and that number is only growing!

With that kind of massive reach, displaying digital ads should be a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, that’s what all other companies thought, too. People have become so inundated with advertisements that there are now almost 200 million active ad block users worldwide. This makes it even harder to show your ads, especially to the right people.

Fortunately, you can still find digital marketing success with your online ads. After all, you’ve definitely had some ads that performed much better than others. Here are four display advertising mistakes you need to avoid to find digital ad stardom:

 Deceiving Customers With An Inaccurate Call-to-Action (CTA)

Ads must have a CTA to guide your customers into doing what you want them to do: engage with your business and convert! The thing is, if you overpromise or mislead your customers with your CTAs, you could quickly lose their trust and damage your business’s credibility.

While you may get your customer’s click with an enticing CTA, you may not get the conversion you want if your CTAs aren’t delivering what it promised. Make your CTAs sound exciting, but make sure it leads to the appropriate landing page corresponding to its message.

 Bypassing A/B Testing

It can be challenging to decide on which variation of an ad to run. You might be changing one aspect, like your CTA banner’s color or even the font type of the header. You might even be changing the tone of the copy, the targeted audience, or the images used to see which combination will bring you your conversions. Even if you have a gut feel about a particular variant, don’t go with it until you do thorough testing!

Putting different versions of an ad through A/B testing is an effective way to determine the most high-performing one. It’s a cheaper way of testing an ad’s effectiveness since you’ll be spending on an ad that is sure to convert.

 Advertising on Irrelevant Sites

Advertising is all about reaching the right people, and doing it online is no different. Make sure that you choose the appropriate websites for your display ads. This ensures that only relevant people see your ad, which increases your likelihood of conversions and receiving quality backlinks.

Otherwise, your ad may be juxtaposed with a news article that makes the premise seem highly inappropriate despite your best intentions. Choose your websites wisely!

 Not Advertising On Social Media

Social media is a powerhouse in many ways. It allows people to easily reach each other, even in the most remote and far-flung places. It also makes it easier to expand the visibility of just about anything—including your own company.

The broad reach of social media makes it an excellent platform for display ads. There are several channels that you can pick: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest. Facebook, in particular, is a popular choice for advertisers, as it’s been around much longer than the other platforms and boasts higher click-through rates. Although it might take a little experimenting, the massive success is, without a doubt, worth it.


The advertising world can be pretty cutthroat, especially if you’re trying to reach the same people. Luckily for you, some of your competitors might be committing these same mistakes you now know to avoid. Keep these in mind, watch out for evolving trends and behavior, and you’ll have superstar ads in no time!

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