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3 Critical Social Media Retargeting Strategies That Work

June 29, 2021

People globally spend an average of 135 minutes per day on social media. It shocks no marketer that a huge percentage of conversions occur on the social network.

While this may be the reality, most individuals who visit a website for the first time just aren’t prepared to take the plunge for a purchase, yet. They need more time to foster a sense of trust with the brand, to feel like they’re a part of your vision. This is the cue for social media retargeting to waltz onboard. This strategy entails targeting your ads to people who have shown interest in your brand. While it may sound simple on paper, it actually requires plenty of analysis and optimization to max up its efficiency in converting old attention into active buyers.

As social media takes up more of a user's time, it's critical to remain at the forefront of their attention. Social media retargeting works by linking you with consumers who have already visited your site on social platforms while also using open web shopper behavior.

What exactly is retargeting?

Retargeting is an advertising technique in which marketers seek to re-attract prior website visitors by providing highly targeted ad campaigns and tailored adverts.

A little code (or pixel) is introduced to your website as part of site retargeting. When visitors click on your site, the code installs a cookie in their browser, essentially adding them to a list or section of your audience. That audience may then be refined and retargeted; for example, you can narrow the list to just target people who look at a specific product or those who remain on your site for a particular amount of time. Here's a list of simple but effective retargeting strategies to level up your social media marketing game, whether you're a company based in Owensboro or anywhere else in the world.

1. Retargeting in Search

Search retargeting is simply going after people who have searched the web for terms or phrases related to your organization. Remember that you're making assumptions based on the searcher's intent when you choose to utilize this retargeting.

Combining the force of intent with recurrent brand exposure, this strategy delivers a powerful one-two punch by connecting your search engine marketing (SEM) with display advertising.

2. Retargeting Through Email

Email retargeting, as the name implies, allows you to retarget people based on activities they took in response to your emails. In this situation, engagement levels are crucial to consider since someone who opens an email should not be regarded as the same as someone who clicks on a link, forwards it, or does not open it at all.

3. Retargeting for Engagement

Engagement retargeting, perhaps the least often utilized approach, works particularly effectively with those that provide channels of engagement such as movies, flash games, etc. Advertisers may deduce factors like purpose and degree of engagement from the action the user makes to deliver highly targeted display advertisements, including customized dynamic ads, based on the user's type of action.


With billions of active users on IG and Facebook combined, it is clear that businesses may profit significantly from incorporating social media retargeting into their marketing efforts. These social networks have developed into formidable marketing machines, allowing advertisers to reach a broader audience in rewarding ways. One of the leading digital marketing services in Owensboro, Oddball Creative, thinks way out of the box to bring you not only great creative but, more importantly, results.

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