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Serve ads to your competitor's customers and then track when they come into your business. Science fiction? Magic? No, this is just one of our many digital strategies to gain market share.

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We draw a "digital" fence around locations such as competitors, places your customers go, or events in the past! We are able to serve ads to your potential or existing customers using their mobile phone GPS. This allows you to get to the right person to convert them into a customer.

Foot Traffic Trace

How do you know that it is working? We track individuals via their phones to see if they came to your location after they were served your ad. We can prove your ROI.

Lookback Target

Do you ever wish you could target people with ads that were at an event in the past? We can do that! If an event happened in the last 12 months we can serve ads to the people that attended.


Addressable ads are perfect for serving ads to a customer or prospect list that you have. We can send ads to thousands of households or businesses that make sense for you. This tool is one of our most popular services.

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