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We believe it is important clients understand the products and services they’re receiving with clarity and transparency. Even if you’re receiving SEO analytics reports, that doesn’t mean you’re currently receiving SEO services. There is a big difference between SEO set up and ongoing SEO work.

Most SEO work happens in the background; your website won’t necessarily appear or function differently on the surface, but ongoing SEO services put effort and strategy behind developing credibility and trustworthiness for your website. This work eventually wins over the search engines, and they move your website up into better rank positions faster.

Without getting too far into the technical aspects and jargon, here’s what ongoing SEO development looks like:

Included in your ongoing SEO program:

Weekly Blog Posts

  • With SEO, Keywords are a big deal. Think about when you’re trying to find something through a Google search, what do you type in the search bar? What you just typed, those are Keywords. For your business, we need those search-able words to be all over your website! Blogs are a powerful way to get them in there and keep them coming!
  • Note: this doesn’t mean you have to have blogs showing publicly on your website. We can still post blogs full of keywords on a hidden page and get all the SEO benefit. Or, if you want a blog page on your website, you got it. They’re all yours!

On-Site Optimization

  • There are rules and best practices for how websites are formatted, how items are linked together, how they’re labeled, etc. We make sure the I's are dotted and the t’s are crossed on every page and for the website as a whole.
  • On-Site vs On-Page Optimization:

On-Site Optimization is the combination of all the On-Page SEO plus another set of rules dealing with site-wide conditions like coding, image size, loading speed, Meta information (the title and brief summary search engines go by get an idea of what it's all about), and more.


On-Page SEO ensures each page plays by the rules.

  • These optimizations are reviewed and refined over time with our ongoing SEO program. If content is changed or added, goals change, etc., these optimizations are amended and re-worked to ensure they’re aligned and effective.

Backlink Generation

  • By definition, backlinks are connections between your website and a page on another website.
  • Backlinks, when added to your site, show search engines that you’re pointing to another trustworthy site and therefore yours must be trustworthy, too. We generate these backlinks and add them to your website to show you have lots of friends out there who ‘vouch’ for your website.

Keyword Research

  • This is where we find the best keywords for you. Based on your business and goals, we do the brainstorming, research, competitor analysis, etc. to identify the best keywords possible. Once we finalize them, we apply them your site (in a variety of ways) so you’re fast-tracked for ranking on the right places in the best spots.

Site Performance Audit

  • Just like your routine appointments with your doctor, these periodic assessments provide insights that allow us to refine and optimize your SEO. Anything from technical aspects needing a tune up to information on your competition, your site performance audits reveal potential gaps and opportunities we can address to keep you moving up in the rankings.

Keyword Rank Reporting

  • This monthly report gives a big picture view of SEO performance and change over the course of a month. The important information to look for is your list of keywords, the average position your website ranked for that keyword over the course of the month, and a measure of how much movement that keyword experienced compared to the prior month.

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