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Why Your Brand's Storytelling Ability Matters

January 13, 2021

From the time we were little infants, we have already been told numerous stories. There are even stories that we were told while still in our mother's stomach! They range from the ones told cribside or bedside, all the way to the ones we would dream up and imagine before going to bed. Storytelling is more than just an art form; it is an intrinsic skill possessed by everyone.

Anecdotes, descriptions, prose, and tales—they all play a role in our imagination, letting us, in turn, respond appropriately. With all that in mind, you're probably wondering what storytelling is able to contribute when it comes to modern marketing trends. Aside from that, it's likely a curiosity as to whether or not it will push forward. The answer to both of those queries isn't too clear just yet, partially because at this point, we're all cycling through a digital sphere.

Don't Underestimate Storytelling

The storytelling abilities of people, especially speakers and writers, are all developed through the course of time. With this, their skills then become a mighty tool that has several possible uses. The reach of the sheer power that lies within inspiring and touching lives is incredibly poignant, from a punchy narrative all the way to an evolving description. We are surrounded by various stories at multiple points every single day.

From casual conversations to full-blown films, there is always an anecdote for us to somehow lose ourselves in. Since this is such a key part of modern life, it is a curiosity why this isn't used more often. The sooner marketers in advertising agency firms in Owensboro and beyond make the realization as to how crucial stories and storytelling are, trying to come up with the best plan to implement it will be top priority.

Jeremy Hsu found through a study that 65% of human conversations are comprised of gossip and personal stories. Linear narratives hold an impact worldwide, and this shows no signs of slowing down as we enter the year 2021. The time to make the most of stories in order to maximize the potential of your company or organization is now.

Choose the Right Story

Put together a solid brand story. This is the overall narrative that ties in all the feelings and facts of your brand neatly. The whole point of this is to appeal more to the emotion of your potential customers. Stories matter, and sharing the right ones at critical times can make all the difference. If you've ever cried over an ad or commercial—even if it was one you came across on Facebook or Twitter instead of television or newspapers—then whoever was behind that digital marketing plan in Owensboro did a stellar job telling that story.

Stories make an incredible impact largely because they are personal in nature. How was your brand born, and how has it progressed over time? Find a way to tell this story in a way that your target audience will respond to.


There are so many benefits to wielding the sheer power storytelling holds correctly for marketing purposes. The audience’s attention will be captured much more easily, customer loyalty will build due to your honesty and integrity, and more. People will see that you're the type who will go above and beyond your other competitors.

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