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What Should Be Your Video's Goal — Awareness Or Action

May 3, 2021

The obvious way to get a message across and receive the actions you need is to make sure that the person from the other side clearly understands what you want. However, that is easier said than done for people who dire to achieve.

Clearly, using videos to deliver a message is the most efficient way to capture people’s attention, make your brand memorable, and acquire results. However, some clients tend to be super excited or too eager to make their video investment optimal that they bombard viewers with too much information. Doing that is not helpful to your brand. You can overwhelm your audience and, worse, gain nothing from them.

Two of the most common goals for producing marketing videos are creating brand awareness and employing an immediate call-to-action. If you only have a budget to make one video at the moment, which should you prioritize?

Awareness vs. Call-to-Action

The answer to the question depends on your end goal. To determine which is your goal, you need to understand how the two differ.

You Need Brand Awareness

You know your brand needs awareness if you have a fairly new business or if not so many people have heard about your brand. Having this as your goal means that you simply want people to know your brand and what you do. There are no necessary next steps. You only want them to have a strong recall of your brand.

When you choose brand awareness as your goal for your upcoming video, here are some of the reactions that you could get:

  1. When you established a strong brand recall, the viewer would choose your product first on a shelf full of similar products because they remember your brand too well. Or better yet, they would specifically look for your product online or in-store when their need arises.

If you want any of these to happen, then brand awareness is what you should aim for.

You Need a Call-To-Action

The call-to-action purpose is a more advanced goal for marketers. The desired action is stated explicitly at the end of the video to let people know what to do after watching the video.

When you choose this, you do not only want people to remember you, but you want them to like your video so much that they would take action next. They would either click a link, share the video with their friends, visit a website, sign up on a site, make a purchase, or subscribe. It may be a helpful strategy for those who need or are contemplating the product or service at that time, but not for those who are not interested.


Now that you know the difference between the two, make sure you determine your ultimate goal. That could help you create a more precise strategy on how to achieve it. You should know, too, that there are times when a client still chooses to combine the two. It may be risky, but it could work. Just make sure that you make a video that is either too funny or emotional that the audience would not mind if you promote or ask them to take action after.

Working with an experienced team could help you achieve your video’s goal. Oddball Creative offers video production in Owensboro, KY that delivers powerful branded social media videos. We are a full-service design and advertising agency, so we know how to play in the field.

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