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What Is A Facebook Lookalike Audience And Does It Actually Work

May 3, 2021

Social media has been a powerful marketing tool that has launched so many online businesses forward this past year. And with more and more folks getting into social media marketing, it makes sense to use all the tools you are given to help and track your progress. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for online businesses to promote themselves. That is why Facebook has created Facebook Lookalike Audience to help them out on their journey.

What Is Facebook Lookalike Audience?

This is a tool made available for pages on Facebook that allows you to source a custom audience that the social media platform will be targeting in relation to their interests and common friends of your current followers. It will only get select accounts from your chosen area and can get you up to 500 lookalike audiences from a single source audience.

This is an advantage when you’re trying to advertise your product to a specific niche. For example, if you run an eco-friendly feminine product shop, you have a very specific audience, which is women with an age range of 16-45 and have an interest in eco-friendly products or zero-waste living. Instead of sending this ad out to everyone online, Facebook Lookalike Audiences will help you narrow it to your target audience.

What Magic Is Facebook Pulling This Out From?

This is possible through the magic numbers we like to call “algorithm.” Facebook keeps track of your most searched keywords to figure out your interest as a user. Facebook Lookalike will take that information and use it to help out small brands who are trying to get their ads noticed.

Does It Actually Work?

The short answer is yes, if you do it right. This tool provides the information you need to succeed. What you choose to do with that information is your prerogative.

Is It Right?

Here’s the elephant in the room. Facebook hasn’t really been the perfect platform to value user privacy. So the concept of finding customers with similar interests indicates that the platform knows their users’ interests. But before you freak out, there is no need to call for a breach of privacy. This feature this time around is to help users, rather than expose them.

The Facebook algorithm keeps track of users’ interests to create a better experience for them when they use the platform. This means that they will be suggested content that caters to what they view and search for, which can happen to be your business. You don’t get these users’ personal information nor do you have access to their accounts, but the most you will know is that they have the potential to find your brand compelling.


Facebook Lookalike audiences is the newest thing to come out of Facebook that has the potential to increase your ROI. Knowing your audience and the interests that draw them to your business can help you cater to what they’re looking for in online content. Consistency is key when it comes to increasing a following on every platform, so when you continuously provide relevant and relatable content alongside product promotion, you can see better results in a couple of weeks.

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