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Web Design — How To Create A High-Performing Website

August 11, 2021

This digital world requires businesses to have a well-designed and functional website to attract the target audience, expand their reach, and promote their products and services. Unfortunately, websites get more and more complex by the day. This led to slow loading times and poor user experience becoming a common issue. Additionally, while the internet has become more accessible for visitors, fast internet connection speeds are not guaranteed.

When building a website, it’s important to prioritize its performance. Consider the number of assets, page layout, and loading speeds to ensure an excellent user experience. To create a fast and user-friendly website, here are some best practices to implement:

Optimize Images

Humans are visual creatures, which means we process visual information more effectively than content in other forms. For this reason, incorporating relevant and high-quality images and videos into your website allows you to better connect with users and improve conversion rates. However, this type of content is the biggest culprit for slow loading times.

Now that screens have gotten larger and screen resolutions increased, the size and number of images used on websites have also shot up. To prevent visual elements from slowing down the website, optimize them properly with help from a website design expert.

Limit the Number of Custom Fonts

Another way to speed up the website load time is to reduce the number of custom fonts and the weights of the font used on web pages. Avoid introducing lots of fonts and other distractions to the page, so the site will load faster because of fewer files that have to be accessed. This will also help make the text more readable and easy on the eyes.

Use Animation and Special Features Strategically

Interactive and moving elements can improve user experience, but they can negatively affect the website’s overall speed and performance. This is especially true if visitors have a slow internet connection. For this reason, use animated elements and this type of effect only when they bring value to users. If you’re unaware what elements to remove and keep without compromising website performance, it’s helpful to consult with a digital marketing company.

Collaborate with Web Designers and Web Developers

DIY website builders allow you to create your own website for free. However, websites built from these platforms often have performance issues. Avoid these problems in the first place by partnering with website experts. By having web designers and web developers by your side, you save time and effort and prevent major headaches down the road once your website is launched.

Consider Mobile Users

A well-built website is one designed for a multitude of experiences. This means all groups of users have to be taken into account from the very beginning. Whether visitors have a slow internet connection or use devices with smaller screens, your website has to adapt to these and still offer a remarkable user experience.


A high-performing website is necessary for a strong online presence. When building one, follow these strategies. Don’t forget to work only with skilled web designers who have your best interests at heart. They will help you provide a good user experience by making the website aesthetically pleasing, functional, and fast.

If you are looking for a customer-friendly marketing company in Owensboro specializing in web design, turn to Oddball Creative. We have a team of capable designers and developers who can build you a successful website. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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