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Tips For Setting Up A Geofence Marketing Campaign

August 28, 2020

When it comes to running a local business, it pays to consider the extent and reaches of your products and services.

This is where geofencing marketing comes into play. When you operate your business out of a specific location, you’ll want those closest to you to see your offerings. By targeting the right customers in locations close by, you can be successful in growing your business locally.

Geofencing advertising agencies in Owensboro know how to maximize the geographic reach of digital marketing strategies to produce the best results. Read on to find out tips on how to set up geofencing marketing effectively and efficiently:

 Knowing Your Audience Is Key

If you do not know who you are trying to reach with your products and services, attracting them to do business with you is likely impossible. By doing a complete study on target markets, location extents, and other marketing demogra[hics, you can have a better understanding of who your audience is.

Consider what people have been searching for in recent times by using apps like Google Trends or even social media trending hashtags and searches. These are great ways to see what people are interested in—which you can then use to target your marketing strategy properly.

People also base a lot of their choices on their online experience—so if you want to make a sale on your website, tailor-fit the contents to what your audience wants! By creating a proper ad campaign that appeals to their interests and what they like, your business can gain even more potential lead conversions.

 Check Your Target Radius

Creating an excessively broad radius can cause you to waste money and time trying to attract people too far away to patronize you. If you are a brick and mortar store, you will likely want people walking in and browsing—so this means making your ads visible even more to the people who live close by!

For physical locations, you will want to attract searches that are within walking distance or even a short drive from a person’s home. By identifying this, you can ensure that your geofenced ad will be successful, as convenience plays a huge role in why people visit stores and shops. Perimeters that are smaller will allow you to focus time and effort on those within your geofence radius to provide them with the best service.

 Connect To A Wide Variety Of Applications

For advertisements to work, this has to play hand in hand with social media marketing and management. Billions of people utilize social media, and in your area, there are likely going to be thousands using such platforms, whether its Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to name a few. By using social media advertising and their available tools, you can craft advertisements that can be targeted to specific demographics for the best reach.

After all, by targeting those already interested in buying your products or signing up for your services, you increase your chances of making a sale drastically!


Geofencing advertising is one of the best ways to craft an ad, as it means targeting a specific radius around the area of operation of your business. This is best for restaurants, brick and mortar stores, and other physical locations that operate with a physical presence. Consider geofencing your ads to ensure that the reach of your business is optimal at all times!

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