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The Recommended Social Media Video Timeframes For Each Platform

February 22, 2021

Kentucky’s business market is booming with tons of small and medium enterprises filling the scene. The market might be oversaturated with tons of competition, but that doesn’t put your company in the dark. There are tons of ways to stay competitive, such as SEO services and assistance from an advertising agency in Owensboro.

In fact, the best part about starting a small business now is that promotional material is easy to pass around. Social media is the in-thing right now, and almost everyone is on at least two different platforms. What makes it better than other forms of advertising is that these can target specified demographics for better conversion rates, and you can do this through videos, too! As long as you work with a company that does social media videos in Owensboro, you’ll have top-quality content that can become viral in an instant. Here are some tricks on crafting the right social media video content for your business per platform:

Know the Length of Each Video for Each Platform

In terms of video content, nobody will really watch a video that’s over five minutes long on social media platforms meant to have quick and digestible content. People scroll through their feeds very fast, so the first and foremost piece of knowledge you need to develop is to know how much time you have for a video on each platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social networks are built differently, and this is why people love to use different ones to help them beat the monotony. On average, social media videos in Owensboro should be around a minute or two at most to get viewers to watch until the end. Otherwise, you’ll be spending tons of time and resources making a video that’s too long for anyone to have the patience to watch.

Different Platforms and the Recommended Length for Your Video

As mentioned above, there are different timeframes recommended for each social media platform. Facebook is more flexible, while Twitter and Instagram have to be limited strictly for more views to ensue. Here’s a bit more about the most popular apps and what timeframe you should be following:

People on Facebook have more time if they’re scrolling through their news feed. However, not everyone views videos until the end because they aren’t as engaging or don’t meet their interests. If you stick to a video that’s 1 to 2 and a half minutes long, it will be much easier to digest. You’ll need a good script and content to ensure that they stay on the content and don’t scroll past it. After all, a well-made video can be shared and turned viral very quickly.

  1. Instagram

The average Instagram video is around 15 to 30 seconds long, and anything more than that gets rerouted to IGTV, which is for more extended media. Not many people have the patience to view IGTV videos or even IG Live ones, as even photo media is just given a “like” then passed on immediately. Scrolling on Instagram is one of the fastest on social media. People rely on what’s written on the first line of the post before moving on in a split-second. Sometimes, people don’t even look at the person posting the photo and just supply the like, which you’ll have to address when making great videos.

  1. Twitter

Twitter users typically have an attention span of 45 seconds to a minute. Anything more is going to be flooded downwards by a feed refresh. Since most Twitter users are very active and have tons of followers and users they follow, this can eliminate your video content in merely a minute or two. Keeping your videos short and sweet is an excellent way for people not to get irritated and skip viewing them altogether.


Social media video production is challenging because of time constraints. Ideas will always be endless, and the pictures you have in your head may be beautiful for advertisements. However, working with an advertising agency in Owensboro will allow you to take the best elements and modify the rest to fit.

If you’re looking to create powerful digital marketing and video production campaigns, Oddball Creative Agency can do it all. Contact us today in Owensboro for great-quality content creation for your business!

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