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Our Guide To A Successful Small Business Marketing Plan

October 23, 2020

Your marketing plan is the key to establish a powerful business presence in your niche market and build strong customer relationships. It is a way for you to get your message out there that your products and services are worth buying because they solve a particular daily problem. But what kind of marketing plan will define your business’ success?

This article will discuss the three main marketing plans you can look into for your business and brief you on various tips to make effective campaigns. The main goal is to ensure that your marketing investments are well accounted for and will positively impact your scalability, product development, and other vital aspects of your business.

Three Main Branches of Marketing

Take note of the following three main branches of marketing, and determine which of them aligns with your business objectives, branding, and target demographics:

You may have already heard of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms were simply spaces of communication at first, but now bring in a lot of online sales for many businesses. Facebook takes the lead in this regard, as a US Social Referral Study points out that it brings in 80.4 percent of referrals to e-commerce businesses. It means that many social media followers can become customers in just a few clicks.

As such, social media marketing may be a great opportunity for your business to make a customer-engaged connection. You can run ads, interact with customers online, and find other social media activities to easily boost your customer retention and sales. But make sure that you consult with expert marketing strategists to determine your exact marketing strategy for social media.

Digital marketing or Internet marketing means having a website when you can promote your products and services to your customers. It takes advantage of search engine optimization or SEO, which refers to the algorithm in charge of directing customers to your website. Doing so enables you to provide much-needed information, products, and services to online browsers, which can become dedicated customers.

Digital marketing is also flexible since it can use the content produced through it in other marketing plans, like through social media and traditional media. However, you need expert marketing recommendations to ensure that you invest your resources in the right campaign. Consider digital marketing also, if you want to sustain your business-customer relationship online.

Traditional marketing is composed of T.V. commercials, print ads, and radio commercials. It is the oldest among all the marketing branches and continues to be a huge part of many big releases for most companies. For example, the Super Bowl Ads continue to break rating records and viewership goals with 111.3 million viewers who watched the Super Bowl XLVI.

Traditional marketing continues to be one of the most popular and effective plans for most businesses, but it requires deep industry knowledge to master. Take note of marketing experts who have broadcast experience to unlock traditional marketing success for your business.

Tips about Effective Marketing

Take note of the following effective marketing tips in line with your marketing plan of choice:

There are various modern marketing tools that your business can use to target your demographic directly. For example, you want to target particular Kentucky homeowners, so you decide to launch targeted video commercials in Owensboro. You just need to know who to approach to make each campaign run successfully.

At Oddball Creative, we know how to adapt different modern marketing tools and techniques to reach your target audience effectively. Doing so will enable you to gain a competitive advantage against your competitors and grant you the opportunity to scale effectively in your niche.

Only a few professional marketing agencies can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to dominate all three main marketing branches. Our Oddball Creative team can provide you with a full-service marketing plan to offer you results-driven, professional campaigns. Doing so establishes your strong customer base and business expansion.


A successful marketing plan is vital to the quick scalability and ability to compete in your niche market. You just need to know what kind of marketing to venture into and consider all the fine details of your marketing plan. Take note of all the previously mentioned information and launch your marketing plan today.

Are you in need of a digital marketing agency in Owensboro for your business marketing plans? Consult with us today at Oddball Creative. We are a full-service design and advertising team of professionals that can help you establish your strong business presence. Take advantage of our innovative marketing services today!

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