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How To Know If Your PPC Campaign Is Worth It

December 21, 2020

When it comes to marketing your business, every single cent should count for something since wasting money on any campaign can be a big blow. Ensuring that advertising strategies, like your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, aren’t wasting your money can be tricky—especially if you aren’t aware of bad habits that may lead to this result.

Whether you’re working with Google AdWords, Amazon Advertising, or Social Media Advertising, money-wasting PPC habits can be difficult to avoid. With the help of the right digital marketing company in Owensboro, you can avoid some major bad habits in your PPC campaigns to avoid wasting money.

Neglecting to Identify Your Target Audience

Though this may almost seem like common sense, it happens pretty often. It could be that some businesses prefer to cast a wide net and attract any demographic that they can—but non-targeted marketing defeats the purpose of advertising, which is to get a particular type of person to take a specific action!

Motivating your target market requires an understanding of your audience that can be achieved through the right resources. Marketing companies provide all sorts of tools, insights, and benefits that will allow you to understand your audience well based on data. This type of valuable information leads to better designs for user experience!

Not Understanding What Your Target Audience Wants

Knowing your audience matters, especially when you’re using a PPC strategy, because you’re paying a significant amount of money just to get them to click a link. Answering the right questions, such as why they would buy from you, how they can buy from you, and what their value is over time, is crucial to understanding what your target audience wants.

Not Figuring Out Your Buyer’s Motivations

Knowing your buyer’s motivation is a useful insight that you can take advantage of to make your PPC strategy work better. Before spending tons of money on your PPC campaigns, make sure you’ve taken the time to understand who you’re marketing to. Sometimes all it takes is asking a simple question.

You can send out a survey to ask customers a set of questions. You can even call them if they’re opening to having the conversation. Ask them why they might choose you over your competitors and what they enjoyed about your brand’s buying process.

Doing the work to understand why your customers buy from you will help you craft better campaigns with the support of a professional digital marketing team geared towards your buyers’ motivations.

Forgetting to Understand the Buyer’s Situation

Understanding the mechanics of the buyers’ purchase is a step that some business owners tend to forget. By taking a closer look at your buyers’ situation, then you can make more informed decisions around your ad platform, devices, and more.

Find out as much as you can regarding how they heard from you, whether they searched you, what words they searched for to find you, and the devices they used. Knowing how your customers found your product or service is extremely valuable, particularly their search terms and where they looked. Use this information to strengthen your ideal ad platform and optimize the path to conversion.

Neglecting to Track Buyer Dedication

Don’t forget to build the goals you’d like to track. Depending on the information you’ve gathered about your customer’s motivations and profile, the more attainable your goals will be.

For instance, you may determine if a certain customer will purchase a product once and never be heard from again. You can also pinpoint certain buyers who come back again and again to patronize your products. Knowing all these will help you get into their customer lifetime value!


Though it was mentioned that PPC advertising strategies are prone to wasting money, this doesn’t necessarily have to be true if you know how to run your campaign. Avoiding these five habits will allow you to execute a successful PPC campaign that is based on your customers’ wants, needs, and behaviors. Make every cent and dollar count with the right PPC strategy, and watch your business grow the way you envisioned it.

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