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Essential Digital Marketing Terms That You Should Know - Part 2

April 20, 2021

Previously, we discussed some of the basic terms that most digital marketers use in the industry. You’ll find those terms embedded in almost every strategy and method employed by most industry players today.

Now, here are a couple more terms that are relevant and commonly used in the digital landscape. Oddball Creative, a design and advertising agency in Owensboro, brings you five more digital marketing terms that you should know about.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through rate is the percentage of users who click on links in web pages or marketing emails. While it may sound simple enough, CTR is quite important because it measures how many users actively engage with linked content on a website.

Suppose you published a blog post on your website that was seen by 500 unique users. Out of those people, only 73 of them actually clicked on the CTA on your blog post. Looking at those numbers, you have a click-through rate of 14.6%.

Organic Traffic

Previously, we’ve mentioned paid searches in search engine marketing. On the other side of the coin are unpaid search results. The traffic your site receives from those results is called organic traffic. This is one of the main goals of SEO and content marketing as it provides a powerful platform that is the perfect environment for long-term growth.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators or KPIs are basically quantitative benchmarks that enable you to track how much your company has progressed towards your marketing goals. It’s a simple metric that you strive to achieve to guarantee your project is right on track and growing.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a little different from a typical website that most businesses have. A landing page is an individual web page focused on promoting a specific marketing or advertising campaign. Instead of extensively modifying your main website’s page, a landing page is a better option for a promotion or a special event that’s on for a limited time only. It basically serves as a launching point to drive more traffic, leads, or sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a significant role in digital marketing. While most of the actual lead generation and customer conversion happens on websites and landing pages, social media is a supplementary tool used to amplify your lead generation efforts. A single post, tweet, or image could easily reach millions of users and bring additional traffic to your website. This can easily give you a bump to your search rankings, which will result in even more traffic. It’s basically a gift that keeps on giving.

Bounce Rate

This is a term used to describe the percentage of users who land on your site then immediately leave without clicking on any links that are visiting your other pages. It practically means as it sounds. Bounce rates help determine how much users are interested in your website, enabling you to decide what web elements you need to optimize in your site.


If you’re new to digital marketing, understanding the complex jargon that dominates the industry can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we take it one step at a time. Learning the basic digital marketing terms will help you go a long way when you dabble into the world of digital advertising.

Managing and expanding your digital presence has never been easier with the help of Oddball Creative. We are an award-winning advertising agency in Owensboro providing SEO, advertising, marketing, and web design services to our clients. Oddball Creative is an all-around digital service provider with the goal of helping your brand stand out from the rest. Contact us today to get started!

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