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Essential Digital Marketing Terms That You Should Know

April 20, 2021

With how much digital marketing has changed over the years, the more we discover and create new terminologies that are becoming more relevant to the industry over time. With the growing list of digital marketing lingo out there, not even a dictionary can hold them all in one place!

Amidst all the noise and new jargon being thrown around, nothing could replace some of the basics terms in digital marketing that have been used for many years now. It may seem overwhelming to learn every new term there is, but it’s always good to first start with the foundations. So, here’s a simple guide containing some of the most basic digital marketing terminologies that matter to you and your business right now.


A lead is a potential customer in the sales funnel. The consumer is considered a lead because they have shown interest in the business or brand. These people already have the intent to purchase. The goal is to turn these leads into loyal, returning customers who will fuel your business.


This is the act of a user completing the desired action from an ad. Basically, the act of filling out a form, clicking a call button, or requesting a quote from your website or social media page is considered a conversion. Conversion help businesses see how well their advertising and marketing efforts are doing.

Call to Action (CTA)

For conversion to become possible, you need something that incites your leads to take action and show their interest in your business. CTAs can come in the form of text, banner, form, image, or even an email asking web users and visitors to take the next step into your business relationship.


SEM stands for search engine marketing. This umbrella term encompasses everything from organic search efforts, paid searches, local SEO, even online profile management. It is the act of using paid strategies to increase your businesses’ search visibility.


Search engine optimization, on the other hand, includes the keyword research done that’s focused on on-page optimization and creating quality content that’s also searchable. There are numerous aspects in digital marketing associated with SEO. But the gist of it all is it increases both the quantity and the quality of your website and social media traffic. This essentially seeks to bring exposure to your brand through organic efforts.

In the past, SEM was a term used to include to describe both SEO and paid search. However, recently, SEO stands on its own, and SEM refers to paid search marketing most of the time.

Content Marketing

Continuing the topic of SEO is the term content marketing, which refers to the creation and distribution of material online. Those materials need to be optimized with SEO, so people are more likely to find them and read or consume them. Social media posts, blogs, videos are some examples of content marketing. They provide users with information and do not always explicitly promote a brand.


Those are just six essential terms being used in digital marketing today. Obviously, there are hundreds more that weren’t discussed in this post. At the very least, these terms will get you ready just before you take a plunge into the digital marketing world.

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