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Digital Marketing — How Your Brand Should Evolve In 2021

May 18, 2021

2020 brought incredible changes to the digital marketing world, and the industry will continue to shift moving forward. When brands had to endure fewer opportunities for face-to-face interactions with their audience, their marketing and branding teams had to come up with unique solutions to increase brand awareness and maintain brand loyalty.

In 2021, your brand’s online presence is more important than ever. It’s the main venue through which you can engage with your audience, and you can anticipate them to have very high expectations. Now that consumers are spending most of their time online, they are constantly bombarded by attention-grabbing content. Your branding efforts should be of the highest quality and should cater to their specific needs and wants.

Streamlined Customer Experience

Today’s consumers are generally more digitally savvy, and their preferences are ever-changing. It’s up to you and your marketing team's initiative to engage your audience, converting them into consistent paying customers.

More and more consumers prefer to have a streamlined and personalized marketing journey with the brands they support. You can implement this form of personalization through the following:

- Directly addressing them in all communication channels

- Tailored product suggestions and content based on past purchases

- Live or AI assisted chat feature on your website

These additions will offer a streamlined customer journey through your sales funnel. For this reason, your website design and layout should be intuitive to use and easy to navigate. All your website content should be as engaging as possible, from your landing pages to your shopping cart checkout. Every step should be simple, seamless, and free from frustration.

Your customer experience strategy builds trust, improves brand awareness, and leads to healthy revenue for a long time to come. When your customers have a great experience on your website, they are much more likely to return for more purchases. They may even take the critical step of personally recommending your product or service to their social circles.

Socially Conscious Content

Consumers are more vigilant than ever, and many of them refuse to be drawn in by impersonal sales talk. One way to turn off your social media followers or newsletter subscribers is to post content that offers very little beyond trying to get a sale. With consumer preferences leaning toward personalized marketing experiences, it’s more important than ever for your brand to connect personally with your audience.

Gone are the days of marketing strategies wholly centered on sales and the bottom line. Consumers have higher expectations—they want brands to care about communities, the environment, and social issues in the zeitgeist. With more and more social issues exposed to the masses, brands and corporations are expected to take a stand for positive change..

Prioritizing community actions and posting socially conscious content can be a great way to build a connection with your audience. For example, a vast majority of consumers now prefer brands that use sustainable packaging and business practices. Emphasizing this initiative in your branding can bring more customers to your door.

When it comes to conscious branding, it’s essential to be authentic and consistent. This means all these decisions should be communicated and implemented from the top-down and not just sent out to your social media followers.


In 2021, branding is all about building connections. Your customer should be the center of all your marketing efforts, keeping in mind their specific preferences and campaigning for structural changes on issues important to them. Hiring an experienced and capable marketing company can help you take your branding strategy to the next level.

Oddball Creative Agency is a full-service digital marketing company in Owensboro. We provide the tools you need to make sure you reach your audience and stand out from our competition. Our team can help you gain customers for life. Contact our experts today!

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