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Content Marketing — Understanding 5 Different Content Types

November 27, 2020

Content marketing is a strategy that marketers use to emphasize content creation to attract and retain their target demographic. The direction of these pieces will vary, depending mainly on the brand’s mission and goals. For example, hardware stores will typically generate home improvement articles. In contrast, travel companies could publish reviews and glimpses of what their clients can experience in different locations.

Producing specific content gives your business the ability to leverage yourself as an authority figure in your industry. It attracts customers to view your site, lead to landing pages, and improve SEO rankings. This is why content marketing is an excellent way to gradually build up your company’s online reach and sales figures.

What makes a great content marketing campaign?

In the digital space, content is an umbrella term pertaining to visual, written, or audio media. Anything that you see online that aims to deliver a message or information is content. Contrary to popular belief, content doesn’t stop at informational blogs or viral social media posts. There are also other content formats that you can utilize in your content marketing campaign.

If you want to understand how to utilize content creation for your marketing campaign, here are five content types you need to master:

1. Blogs

When people talk about content marketing, they almost always refer to publishing blogs. These pieces are roughly 300-1000 words long, depending on what topic you want to discuss. Blogs have the advantage of giving you an in-depth conversation with your online viewers by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at its best. They are generally informational or instructional, which can be and in the form of case studies.

2. Emails

Email marketing strategies are the best way to generate leads in a more personal way. Since it’s a direct line to particular subscribers, you can cater the message to fit their preferences based on online behavior. If you know how to write compelling copy through emails, you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

3. Social media posts

It’s almost mandatory to have a social media account if you’re a modern consumer. These platforms allow people to connect and socialize in a curated network, making it an excellent place for your branding efforts. Engaging with your target audience in social media keeps your brand accessible and close to the customers who use your service.

4. Meta titles and descriptions

Besides the bulk of your content pieces, you should also consider the importance of crafting the proper meta titles and descriptions. Meta titles appear as the titles of HTML documents, which will appear in search engine snippets and browser tabs. You can compare them to the short summary of a book that authors and publishers use to entice an audience to purchase the full product.

5. Video scripts

Many businesses are branching out to video since it shows higher conversion rates than other traditional content marketing mediums. A video script is a great way to improve your SEO by embedding script text in your video ads.


If you’re thinking in your customer’s shoes, your content marketing campaign is on the right track. Content creation should always cater to your audience’s needs and preferences. A brand that knows how to listen, interpret, and answer their customer base will be successful in finding the right market for them.

Mastering all these content types on your first try is a problematic gamble to win, which is why outsourcing your marketing efforts offer more reliable results. Oddball Creative Agency is an experienced marketing company in Owensboro, KY specializing in different digital marketing efforts, including content marketing. Reach out to our marketing experts today, and we’ll help improve your business’s online presence!

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