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Boost Your Email Marketing Prowess With These 5 Tips

November 3, 2020

Email marketing has always been a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people. It is more personal, more intimate, and allows a marketer to customize and create more engaging and longer posts for their audience. If you think this method is no longer useful, think of all the 2.4 billion emails people send in a second. That is how highly-utilized emails are in people’s everyday lives.

If you currently use this marketing method and don’t think it’s doing you any good, you may be doing something wrong! Here are some tips to improve your email marketing prowess:

Tip 1: Know your purpose

Only efforts set with goals in mind create a valuable impact. That is because you know your focus, and it helps you determine what strategies are needed to achieve them. Start by having a single SMART objective for your business and ensure that all the efforts you make will revolve around it. Your tagline and word choice should be reflective of your brand and lead in the direction of your goal.

Tip 2: Make your list targeted

To make your email marketing more effective, you should talk to the right people. That means not sending your email to just about anyone. It is better to invest in a few interested individuals than many disinterested people who ignore or classify your emails as junk mail!

A productive strategy you can do is segment your audience. Organize your list depending on metrics such as demographics, interests, or geographic location. Doing so will also help you better understand your audience: how they behave, their preferences, and their interests. It will also help you create more customized content for each group.

Tip 3: Customize your email sender name and subject lines

The first thing that your contacts will see on their email notification is your email name and title. Ensure that whatever you put in there will catch their attention and make them decide to open and read the whole email. Be more creative with your email headlines but not to the point where it looks like a clickbait article. If you want a more branded experience, use your brand name instead of a random personal name in the title.

Tip 4: Create relevant, helpful, and exciting content

People will keep on reading your content if you provide them with something new each time. Give them a list of helpful tips or an article that will entertain or catch their interest. Apart from providing relevant information to them, email marketing is a fantastic way to establish your expertise in the field or industry you are in. If you sell makeup brands, be their makeup guru. If you are an e-commerce site, show them the products you think they will find helpful.

Do not forget to add beautiful and quality images as well as an engaging call-to-action that will lead them towards your goal.

Tip 5: Track your progress

All the efforts will be put to waste if you will not use your analytics insights to track your progress. Set up quantifiable metrics that can give you an idea if your methods and strategies are working. Use the data you will gather to identify your points for improvement and your success rate. Forgetting this important step will make you lose track of your progress, and you will end up not knowing how much you achieve.


Email marketing is a powerful tool that should never be ignored or taken for granted. If you want to perform better on this platform, consider implementing these five tips to make your email marketing efforts more effective. By setting up goals and measuring your actions accordingly, you will better understand how you progress and what else to improve.

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