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5 Reasons Why Geofencing Marketing Is Worth Considering

October 23, 2020

Marketing used to mean advertisers reached out to stationery people, such as those at home watching on their televisions or laptops. Now, with the power of mobile and location technology, marketers can reach out to people wherever they are!

The development of mobile marketing has changed accessibility to advertisements featuring products and services. Suddenly, it’s everywhere people are going, whether you’re in the office or halfway through your commute.

Defining Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing marketing refers to the targeting of advertisements and content towards customers based on their location. This can occur within a specific geographical area, such as a zipcode or a country, otherwise known as “geofencing.”

It is especially useful for businesses with different locations as they can cater to the local area’s unique needs. It makes contextualized mobile marketing possible, improving aspects like user experience.

A person’s location allows brands and businesses to build their strategies according to the user’s interests and needs. And, as many businesses have experienced themselves, personalized and targeted ads lead to more sales!

If you’re a business or brand looking to leverage the location of your target market, here are five reasons why geofencing marketing is worth considering:

It builds customer loyalty

It costs more to earn a new customer rather than retaining an existing buyer. This is because you need to work twice as hard to get new customers through the sales funnel, whereas your current customers are already there and probably just need more engagement. Building shopper loyalty keeps your business going strong without having to spend as much to attract new customers.

Geofencing marketing can help you do this by providing users with a personalized experience that they will remember. While your competitors may have spent precious time and money bombarding customers with ads that aren’t meaningful to them, your business can utilize location information to pinpoint exactly what type of content and product caters to their interests lifestyle. This increases the chances of them returning to your business in the future—the perfect example of cultivating customer loyalty!

It streamlines your content

Content that is specific and streamlined presents a brand image that is stronger and clearer to the target market. Focus on a specific consumer base and structure your content accordingly to find more people that resonate with your brand. You’ll bring in customers who are more likely to engage with your business than cast a wide net and attract those who aren’t interested anyway.

It makes for quick and easy delivery for effective ads

Geofencing marketing campaigns work so that your promotions are correctly targeted in the most opportune locations. Knowing these data insights will help you create targeted promos quickly to get people to visit your store just in time. No time is wasted on figuring out what to focus your promotional efforts on.

It boosts and improves user engagement

User engagement is also positively affected by this marketing strategy. The collected data will improve your campaigns and invite more people to interact with your brand naturally. You can also refine your strategy and choose what works best for your target audience.

For instance, instead of offering a random stationery freebie for every notebook purchase, you can offer a $15 coupon instead. The response rate and lead generation of the two offers will tell you how to refine your ads to increase engagement further.

It’s affordable

If your business is listed on Google and your paid ads are set up to recognize location-based parameters, you’ve already got the components needed to run an effective geofencing marketing campaign.


Geofencing is the way forward in marketing products and services to intended audiences. It utilizes crucial information—location, in particular—and turns it into data to help marketers create more personalized ads. As time goes on, a business can build its credibility, following, and gain recognition locally and, if it chose to, internationally. With geofencing marketing strategies, anywhere is the limit!

Crafting an effective geofencing marketing strategy requires the expertise of advertising agency experts in Owensboro. We at Oddball Creative market businesses with a passion and in unique ways. Our services cover digital marketing and SEO, to name a few. To see how we can make a difference in your business, visit our website today!

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