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5 Digital Marketing Strategies and Hard Truths About Them

March 22, 2021

Digital Marketing is more than just creating a website or signing up for new social media accounts. Nurturing your digital reputation takes creative ideas and clever strategic plans to get your brand noticed. Don’t let yourself fall behind in the digital landscape. If you want to succeed, implement these effective digital marketing strategies with facts that some professional marketers may be keeping from you.

What You Need to Know About the Top Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Updating a Blog Is Necessary

You absolutely need a blog.

Blogging is often misunderstood as something only creators and influencers do. Still, whether you’re from the skincare industry or the construction industry, you need to update a blog regularly. Blogs take credit for a big chunk of your SEO results, which can boost people’s chances to find you on the first page of Google. With a blog, you can constantly target keywords and keep your website updated at all times.

2. Ads are Effective, but Not a Sure Thing

You see online ads everywhere. From your social media feed to the videos on Youtube, they are there. Do you acknowledge the brand? Perhaps. Will it catch your interest? Maybe. But will you be willing to buy the product the moment you see it? The reality is most people wouldn’t.

People assume that just because you pay for the views and clicks for every time someone sees an ad, they get an automatic sale. That is a possibility, but it’s not guaranteed.

That’s not to say that digital advertising is not an effective strategy. What you’re paying for at the minimum is the exposure and the increase of brand awareness. The possibility of conversion is also better than having nothing. If your ad is engaging and interesting enough to get noticed, the higher your conversion chances can be.

3. Email Marketing Is Challenging

No one likes receiving spam emails. With email marketing, that’s essentially what you’re doing: sending emails to customers or businesses out of nowhere. It may sound easy to send an email, especially if you automate it, but you want to make sure that your email stays in the inbox without being moved to spam. But if you rise to the challenge, you might convince someone to read your emails.

4. Video Marketing Is Gold

Videos perform best when it comes to marketing collaterals. Videos that are entertaining, informative, or inspiring can serve as an excellent way for your online audience to get to know you better.

5. Social Media Is Everything

Social media is at the forefront of your company’s reputation. People often judge the legitimacy of businesses by what they post on social media. This is also a way for your brand to connect and engage with an audience.


Another extra secret component that most agencies bank on is sheer creativity. Creating strategic campaigns that are informative, entertaining, and persuasive takes industry knowledge. Every collateral, ad, blog, or anything in between is well-thought-out and planned to match your branding. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. The deeper you get into it, the more you can see how much time and effort it takes to create a top-notch digital marketing strategy.

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