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5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

February 1, 2021

Social media plays a significant role in business plans today. Undoubtedly, social media has great power that helps brands reach a broader audience and gain more customers. Additionally, social media platforms provide an easier way for brands to engage with their customers.

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, it’s not that straightforward as when you’re only connecting with your friends and liking a funny meme. Social media marketing is a whole different game and you need to do it right; otherwise, you could lose a lot of time and even money.

Therefore, here are common social media mistakes to avoid:

No Clear Set Goals

Before you start posting on social media platforms, you need a plan and clear goals. Take time to create an editorial calendar, so you know exactly what to post and when. When setting goals, make sure to start with the big picture and break that goal down into smaller, easier-to-achieve daily goals.

Irrelevant Content

The thing with social media is you can post almost anything you want. You might find something hilarious on the internet and share it on your page, thinking that it will make your customers laugh, too. Even though it’s something your customers may appreciate, keep in mind that irrelevant content will also confuse them. It’s crucial you stick and be consistent with your brand at all times.

Wrong Timing

Many brands fail to grasp the importance of posting at the right time on social media. While there’s really no set rule about the times you should post on your accounts, there are specific times that are considered “peak times” when users are more likely to see your posts and engage. These changes over time, but it doesn’t hurt to keep up because it brings significant change to your stats. To know your peak times, identify when your audience is most active on your social media platforms and take it from there.

Not Promoting Social Media Profiles

Some brands fail to promote their social media profiles, thinking that their presence alone on the platforms is enough. Your audience has their preferences regarding the social media platforms they frequent the most, and you want to be where they are. Promoting your social media profiles is an effective way to help your target audience find you.

Overly Promotional

Social media isn’t a platform for brands to advertise their products and services. However, many brands commit this mistake—the ones that do a hard-sell on these platforms that turn off customers. Avoid this by keeping in mind that social media is a tool to help you build valuable relationships and connect with your target audience on a more personal level.


Social media can be tricky when you own a brand, and you’re marketing your products and services. You will realize that it’s not that straightforward anymore, which could feel intimidating at first. The good news is, knowing the mistakes to avoid will be impactful in your marketing. From there, you can strategize with more confidence that will help bring you more success.

Here at Oddball Creative Agency, we can help you with social media marketing in Owensboro. Let us help you identify your target audience, and we can help you create a campaign to target them. Contact us today!

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