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4 Important Web Design Elements To Incorporate in 2021

January 26, 2021

Design and digital marketing are fields that continue to evolve with each new development in technology and trend. However, not all of these trends end up as classical elements of good design; some of them just end up by the wayside as fads are soon forgotten and spoken about in cringing whispers at client meetings.

To help you navigate how to go about web design in 2021, the web designers at Oddball Creative of web design trends and practices that remain or might become prominent in the field.

1. White space

Also known as negative space, white space refers to the areas of your website that are not occupied by design elements. More often than not, it is merely as the name suggests: white space. These empty spaces serve to highlight focal points on your website. It could be a photograph, a button that serves as a call to action, and so on.

Having white space is essential to prevent overcrowding your website with too many details. Overcrowding can make your website confusing and visually unappealing, impacting the overall user experience.

2. Dynamic scrolling

Dynamic scrolling can allow visitors to have a 3D experience your target audience might appreciate. Images, videos, and other abstract shapes can be interspersed and integrated with animations to create visually compelling designs. It can make the experience smoother, reducing the clicks before the user is given access to your meaningful content.

One concern you need to address, however, is the potential load it might bring to your load times. If you are to use such dynamic animations and transitions in your website, make sure your load times are not severely impacted.

3. Digital illustrations

Illustrations have the capacity to impress and draw in your target audience in unique ways, especially since they are a form of unique content. Digital illustrations can use iconographic concepts in such a way that they can form an emotional bond with the user, allowing you to tell the story of your brand in far more effective ways.

In the process of integrating digital illustrations, make sure that they fit in your branding both aesthetically and conceptually.

4. Background videos

Gone are days when it would take a whole day to load a single picture. Current internet speeds and technological capacities now allow more complex designs. Load times are now faster than ever, allowing many websites to adopt background videos in their design.

They are a fantastic way to demonstrate the innovativeness of your brand. When looped with a flow of content, background videos could be used effectively to highlight your brand’s positive qualities. It can also create a more dynamic experience on your website, allowing it to stand out from the competition.

Final thoughts

When it comes to web design, it is vital to stay ahead of the curve. While not every new trend becomes a mainstay in design, they could still help give your brand the change it needs to increase its relevance. Keep these design elements in mind should you attempt a redesign of your website. They may guide you all through 2021 into greater heights.

If you’re looking for a cool and creative web design agency to help you navigate 2021, send us at Oddball Creative a message. We inspire consumer engagement through creative storytelling.

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