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4 Backlink Strategies For Startups

August 31, 2021

Small businesses, also known as startups, may have a rough time when starting. That is understandable, as not everyone can make it just within their first few weeks. Whether you’re a small venture or a big experienced corporation, modern businesses have to trend with the times and follow through with online marketing tools to ensure brand relevance. One such tool is known as the backlink.

Backlinks are a good way of making Google aware that your web content is helpful enough for users, much so that the products you are offering are definitely in demand. If other people are checking out your content by coming from another website, it gives the impression that your brand has something that many people may need. This may give Google the initiative to rank your website higher amongst the search results list, making your company more visible and relevant than ever.

If you want to learn the different strategies for utilizing backlinks to their fullest extent, look no further than our tips below.

1)   Get the Help of Influencers

This may seem unrelated until you realize that one driving force of backlinks are the people starting up conversations. Nowadays, they are known as influencers with a particular pull with the target audience and have ample support to be heard online.

You may already have a few of them in mind, but remember that your pick should still have a relevant connection to your products and services. The more relevant your influencers are to the products, the more relevant your backlinks and keywords will be.

2)   Know Your Rivals

Backlinks typically have a hyperlinked keyword within them. By knowing your competitors, you will be able to determine which keywords they haven’t used yet and which are the ones that seem to be working for them.

By having a clear view and understanding of what they do, you will also have a birds-eye idea of what their possible strategies may be, giving you the chance to get an edge over them.

3)   Know Your Link Builders

People who link back to your website are known as link builders, and two types of them are advantageous to your company. Paid link builders are the ones you hire to drop your backlinks on various websites with a high domain rating. They will do this regularly and naturally so as not to appear like a spammer.

On the other hand, natural link builders are your avid supporters, people you do not have to pay to post a couple of your backlinks. Their primary purpose of posting your backlinks usually ranges from helping out the other forum members to promoting their favorite brand. Either way, their act is beneficial to your brand in the long run, and they are the main reason your sales are well-maintained.

4)   Lend a Hand

Regardless of what you’re selling, you should be prepared to promote it through the relevant websites. Being helpful is one thing, but promoting your brand is a prime example of hitting two birds with one stone.

Do not hesitate to provide others with a backlink of your product keywords, especially if they’re in dire need of it. The more helpful and natural your backlinks are, the more enticing it is for people to check them out.


Startup companies do not have to struggle when it comes to managing their backlinks. Instead, they may apply a couple of methods to help them increase their chances of ranking up in no time. By getting the help of influencers, knowing their competitors, recognizing link builders, and helping other brands, they may just be able to pull off a successful backlink campaign that will boost their brand significantly over their rivals.

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