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3 Ways To Transform Your Company Culture Into Content

October 23, 2020

Using social media platforms to grow your business should involve more than occasionally posting about your products and services. To truly connect with your target audience, it’s best to show them the essence of your brand with culture marketing, a form of content marketing that puts the culture of your company front and center to let everyone get to know you.

When using this marketing strategy, you should focus on your identity, values and principles you care about, and the way you interact with others. By highlighting the people behind your brand and building a community that shares your beliefs and values, you can create lasting, meaningful relationships.

Here are some ways to translate your company culture into engaging content:

Share your company announcements

Company announcements are usually dry and irrelevant to your target audience. However, by adding a creative twist to your content, you can update everyone about what’s happening inside your company by posting them on your social media platforms.

Sharing updates about your business doesn’t have to be cold and boring. You can deliver it instead in an exciting and interesting way. If you have no idea how to do this, feel free to partner with our advertising agency in Owensboro.

Our full-service advertising agency understands that delivering the right message at the right time can gain you a customer, so we do our best to captivate your audience and help you build an emotional connection with them. We do this through social media marketing, which involves developing effective ads that can generate leads and increase your target market’s engagement with your brand.

Ask or answer questions

Using social media is the perfect way to interact with your audience. Open up a discussion, debate, or conversation by using the built-in tools or features on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

You can start a poll or hold a Facebook Live to have a Q and A session. To further boost engagement with them, try conducting activities and making them participate, like letting them do a challenge, vote on new business ideas, or even name a product.

By initiating conversation and providing them with valuable information, you can show that your brand is open and approachable. If you need help in exploring the built-in tools or coming up with strategies to encourage dialogue, hire our marketing company in Owensboro.

Show off your fun side

Exclusivity and mystery can be appealing to some audiences, but remember that no one wants to support a faceless and nameless brand. To attract the right audience, consider humanizing your brand and showing off your lively, colorful, and fun personality.

Don’t be afraid to share humorous and relevant content on social media. Just make sure it is still appropriate, professional, and reflects the reputation you are trying to go for.


Many brands try to implement culture marketing, but not everyone does a great job at it. To transform your company culture into content effectively, follow the tips mentioned in this guide and team up with a reliable marketing agency like ours.

Oddball Creative is a full-service design and advertising agency. We offer search engine optimization, web design and development, and social media marketing in Owensboro. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow!

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