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3 Ways SEO Can Improve Your Customer Experience

January 15, 2021

Search engine optimization has irreversibly changed the business landscape. Gone are the days where companies fought tooth and nail for a spot on billboards, TV commercials, and to get their brochures into your hands. Nowadays, it’s all about ranking well on search engines like Google, driving organic traffic, and generating qualified leads. It’s definitely helped businesses find better ways to reach their target audience, which means regular consumers are no longer bombarded with irrelevant ads and information. Given all the incredible qualities of SEO, it comes as no surprise that it can also improve your customer experience.

Although search engines rely on algorithms to find the right information to present to people, they ultimately serve human beings, and a lot of those are very likely your customers. These algorithms, just like people, are incredibly fickle. They use numerous factors to distinguish helpful websites from spammy ones and content that actually provides useful information versus ones filled to the brim with keywords. Leveraging SEO can undoubtedly boost your user experience, but figuring out how to do that is a head-scratcher in itself. Luckily, we’ve got three easy ways to do just that:

Revamp Your User Interface

Search engines know that humans are drawn to pretty and visually appealing things, like moths to a flame. The same principle applies to your website. If you have a tawdry website that’s cluttered with clunky graphics and navigation, then your SEO score will definitely reflect that. If your customers have a hard time browsing your website, whether by design or through poor linking, they won’t have any incentive to stay for a second longer. As a result, they’ll bounce right out of there in the blink of an eye.

Every short session a visitor spends on your website is another point taken off your SEO score, which means you’ll be knee-deep in the search engine results graveyard of page 2 and beyond. The goal is to keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible. Doing this means that you’ll need to overhaul your user interface by making it easy to navigate, using relevant keywords in your headers and subheaders, and including metadata. If that all sounds like a foreign language to you, business website design in Owensboro can help with that.

Create Top-Tier Linking Habits

Apart from creating a gorgeous website that your customers can’t take their eyes off from, you’ll have to develop good backlinking habits. Not only does it boost your SEO ranking, but it also increases your visibility by making your website more accessible to your target audience.

Although it may not make sense to have external links since you’re trying to keep visitors on your web page, you can quickly solve this problem by having these links open in a new tab. External links will help answer any questions they have while allowing you to take advantage of the destination site’s search authority. Doing so will inform your customers and search engines that your information is verified and high-quality. However, make sure that you link only to relevant websites! Otherwise, packing your website with irrelevant .gov and .edu sites will tank your SEO score.

Provide Valuable, Informative Content

Another reliable way of using SEO to improve your customer experience is to create high-quality content that will benefit your audience. Many marketers claim that content is king, and they’re absolutely right. Writing unique information that appeals to your readers is a surefire way to get them to convert and purchase from you. It also helps establish yourself as a credible player in the industry. By providing them with information that improves their quality of life in any way, they’ll likely come back for more, giving you the organic traffic and conversion you’ve always wanted.

Of course, it’s essential to make sure that your target audience knows that this information is available to them. It’s best to use your social media profiles to promote these posts, as users can share these on their feeds, boosting your visibility even more. Working with a marketing company in Owensboro is a reliable way to ensure your curated content reaches your customers.


Understanding SEO can give you the valuable insights you need to attract more website visitors and ultimately increase your conversion rate. By practicing these three ways, you’ll enjoy soaring SEO scores like never before.

Ready to dive into search engine optimization in Owensboro, Kentucky? Oddball Creative has your back! We are a full-service design and advertising agency with a passion for marketing businesses in unique ways. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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