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3 Tips To Improve Engagement With Your Online Advertisements

September 25, 2020

Ad engagement is one of the most critical factors you need to focus on with your ads, especially when it comes to online advertising. After all, this metric indicates whether your audience pays attention to and engages with your ads. Zero engagement might mean that no one is interested, or you are doing something wrong. In most cases, you are the one at fault. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fix that and improve ad engagement! Here is how.

1. Know your audience

One of the biggest causes of low to no engagement ads is that an advertiser may have used techniques meant for another platform. For example, a marketer may have used methods that might work well on Instagram but tried it on Facebook instead. This situation will not lead to positive results in most cases because different platforms work differently, even if they share similar audiences.

With that in mind, when posting your ads, you will have to figure out two things: First, you need to know where your customers are. Second, you need to figure out which technique works best for that specific platform.

2. Include multiple links

While there is nothing wrong with linking an ad to only a single page on your website, doing so means you are missing out on plenty of opportunities to increase engagement. For example, in an ad about pencils, you may have a single link that directs viewers to the pencil category in your online store. To enhance engagement, you can add another link that points people to pages where they can sign up for newsletters, promotions, and more.

In other words, the more links you fit onto your ads, the better the chances of increasing engagement. However, keep in mind you should not overdo it. If you are presenting simple ads, a maximum of two links will suffice. For more complex ads, three might be an option. Judge for yourself to see whether the links make sense or are better off in another ad.

3. Ensure it is relevant

No matter how well-designed your ads are and how sophisticated your marketing technique is, your ads will not work if they have zero relevance to your audience. For example, you might be selling jackets for the cold season, but you target people who live in hot climates where the cold seasons are not that extreme. While you may have some engagement, you lose out on many potential engagements and sales.

That said, always make sure your ads are relevant to your customers. Understand where they live, what their habits are, how much they earn, and so on. The more information you gather about your audience, the likelier it is you will discover the right audience to advertise to.


By applying the tips above, you stand a higher chance of improving your engagement significantly. If you cannot figure out why your engagement is not improving, just ask your customers!

Whatever you want your audience to do, whether it is to share your ad or retweet it, remember to indicate it in your advertisement. When people can see what you want them to do, they will be more likely to engage with it.

If you are still having trouble with this, do not worry. There are plenty of digital agencies out there that have the skills and knowledge to help you produce engaging ads. With a little investment, you will make plenty of returns, boosting your engagement significantly and maxing out on sales!

Oddball Creative is a full-service digital agency that offers design and advertising services to businesses. If you are looking for an advertising agency in Owensboro to improve your ad engagement, work with us right away!

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