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2021 Web Design Techniques To Stand Out

June 29, 2021

As the pandemic ravaged, brands and businesses struggled to survive, and those that did found that bringing their platforms online helped. However, due to the surge of businesses online, tighter competition between brands occurred.

So in the middle of this busy web and all the brands with numerous offers, what makes your website different? Or rather, what can make it stand out?

Here we’ve listed the best techniques to raise your brand’s customer appeal and drive traffic to your page in 2021:

A user-friendly interface

Not everyone is an expert at surfing the web, so making a user-friendly website that suits all customers is a major necessity to boost your page. In addition, the web goes through heavy traffic daily so it will help to have a website that isn’t laggy and complicated.

To ensure that you have a user-friendly website, one of the first things you can do is to make it secure. Choose a web host that offers this security feature to prevent your website from being tagged as unsafe. Pages tagged under this miss out on heavy traffic and visitors.

Another thing you can do is make a mobile-friendly version of your website. A lot of people access the internet through their mobile devices, which means that your brand’s success may in part be due to your website’s mobile-friendliness.

Some web hosts offer features where you can customize your mobile interface to ensure that the layout is fine. Surfing the web on a computer and on a mobile device differ, so it’s better to make your page suitable for both.

Engaging content

One of the keys to keeping your customers engaged is having a good website design. Ensure that the videos and photos you use align with your brand and are not too distracting to the eye. It also helps to stick to a color palette instead of using random colors for the design.

Visuals aside, what makes your website truly engaging is its content. Create articles with snappy titles and interesting information to keep your clients longer on your page. However, make sure not to use clickbait material since this does not sit well with customers. Just imagine if it was you getting fooled by a misleading title. You wouldn’t like it either.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the best tool you can use to boost your website traffic and actually yield results. Optimizing your page with SEO requires planning and strategizing. It’s not an overnight process that immediately ends your page at the top of search results.

To optimize your website with SEO, you can begin with properly linking articles on your page. You might not have noticed but broken links are common and they may cause adverse effects to your brand. A buggy link may lead your customers to think your website isn’t secure. In addition, proper linking may also drive visitors to your lesser-known services and products aside from what is seen on the landing page.

Keeping your tags accurate is another step in optimizing for SEO. Proper tags help drive traffic to your website. Use the right description tags and avoid generic keywords. The last thing you can do is to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO improvements. Pay attention to these things and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Following these steps can be very helpful in boosting your website and therefore, your brand. Remember that your website is the link between your customers and what you have to offer, so make it great!

If you have any reservations about boosting your website on your own, you can always ask a professional! Oddball Creative is an SEO and digital marketing agency in Owensboro, KY that provides full-service design and advertising services. Our designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives find unique ways to link your brand and your goals. Need help with your website? Get in touch with us today!

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